Many clinical non-invasive methods of evaluating arterial stiffness have been introduced. Beginning with basic physicians and clinical physicians, the Japan Society of Arterial Stiffness consists of a wide range of members who establish as their theme an approach to the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease by employing an index of arterial stiffness based on new principles, the Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI).

Since ASI is new in comparison with other indicators, a wide range of knowledge concerning ASI continues to be gathered in the clinical and research fields. In the field of general research, each type of abnormal environment, beginning with the physiological environment, research is being conducted on the effect of on ASI and the relationship between these diseases and indices of arterial stiffness based on other types of investigate methods. Simultaneously, in specialized clinical fields, evaluative studies and research is being conducted on ASI in regards to arterial stiffness caused by the danger factors of hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. The many diseases that play a role in arterial stiffness are also subjects of ongoing research.

The Japan Society of Arterial Stiffness works rigorously to provide the latest information and research reports conducted at academic conferences and meetings, to conduct educational activities, to apply ASI across a wide variety of fields beginning with preventative medicine, and to return these results to society. Beginning with the construction of this homepage that is designed to offer information, many new Japan Society of Arterial Stiffness projects seek as their goal to enable as many people as possible to participate in the struggle to prevent arterial stiffness.

Arterial stiffness has become a major problem as a disorder connected with lifestyle-related disease not only in advanced nations but also in the rapidly developing nations of the world as well. For this reason, the importance of ASI as an evaluator of arterial stiffness continues to increase. The Japan Society of Arterial Stiffness continues to develop a cooperative framework for the sharing of information with and among foreign research centers and aims to encourage international activity in the future.

The Japan Society of Arterial Stiffness wishes to thank all researchers and interested parties for their participation, and will continue to promote information and activities of the highest quality and standard.


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