1.      Time/Date :                 2pm ~ 6pm Saturday, September 9th, 2006

2.      Venue :                       Luke Hall  Tokuda Seiyaku Building, 1-7 Yotsuya, Shinjuku.

3.      Submission Deadline : Friday, 11th August, 2006.

4.      Participation Fee :      JPY1,000

5.      Secretariat :                Medical Department of Hygiene and Public Health, Kyorin                    



       TEL: 0422-47-5512 (Ext. 3454
       FAX: 0422-44-0841


6th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Arterial Stiffness


General Submissions


1.     General submissions are accepted by online registration.

1)      Submitted abstracts will be kept as a collective contribution.

2)      Please be aware that amendments to title and content of abstracts are not accepted. Please contact the Secretariat where amendments are absolutely necessary.

3)      Not including the title, names or positions, the abstract length is to be kept to 800 characters (1 A4 page). Abstract format must consist of : Purpose, Method/Object, Result/Conclusion.




2.     Submission Deadline : Friday, 11th August, 2006.


3.     Selection

1) Please be sure to include your email address when submitting your abstract. All submissions will receive email notification regarding successful acceptance or not. Decision for acceptance is at the discretion of the Chair.


4.     Presentation Format

1)      Presentation will be given in the form of a narration. 5 minutes for presentation itself, and 2 minutes for QA. (planned)

2)      Presentations will be confined to those that incorporate notebook PC for slide presentation.

3)      Please be aware of the following points concerning use of the notebook.

(1)   The Society will provide the laptop for slide presentation. As a rule, we request that this is the laptop to be used.

(2)   File format should be Microsoft PowerPoint. The laptop used for presenting the slides will not be able to read files created by Mac for Windows.

(3)   PowerPoint version of the presentation laptop is PowerPoint 2002. Please note that layout of the presentation file may be adversely affected if not created with PowerPoint 2002.

(4)   Please back-up your file and bring it with you (floppy, CD-R [CD-RW cannot be read], or USB memory stick). Presentations cannot be saved to CD for you.

4)      Subject slide is to be 1 slide in length.


5.     Qualification for Presentation.

Only members of the Japan Society for Arterial Stiffness are qualified to give presentations. Non-members are requested to join. (JPY1,000 per year.)